Racing in Less Than 60 Seconds


As long as there has been something to drive, people have had the desire to race.

Racing is fueled from an internal passion. Racing is a great example of the desire to compete against others as a driver, to be the best no matter what they are racing. To be the first one across the finish line every time. Very few realize the dream as a professional race car driver but multitude of people get into racing every day. Racing just doesn't consist of professional drivers but people from all walks of life.

As with many different types of sports, there are levels of progression to build and test your talents. NASCAR® has their regional series', which progresses onto ARCA, then to the Nationwide Series and then to the Sprint Cup Series. In the Open wheel ladder system, drivers generally start out in Shifter Karts or Skip Barber, and progress to USF2000 Championship Series then to the Pro Mazda Championship, followed by the Indy Lights and then to IndyCar. Cooper Tire supports several racing series and types of racing for every interest.

There are also areas for those who want to make racing their hobby. NASA Racing or SCCA® Racing are two great examples of organized racing series that can challenge pro drivers as well as weekend warriors. Whatever path a driver chooses, their success relies on their goals, desire and budget.

The drive to go faster, handle better and win is all in a driver’s DNA. As long as there are cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles…anything with wheels, people will compete to win.


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